Turkmenistan – Ashgabat

About Ashgabat

The first impression when you arrive in Ashgabat is the quietness and the cleanness of the city. The history showed that Ashgabat has victim of an important earthquake in the past and they knew to rebuilt the city quickly.

Nowadays, the city is more beautiful than ever. The whiteness, sign of happiness for the Turkmen people, bring a new breath in this capital in the middle of the desert surrounded by the mountains in the South. Some avenues look empty but the downtown is rich of people. The population is welcoming. The food is lavish and some bread are of good quality for each meal. Otherwise, the city possess an important number of monuments and museum. The architecture of some buildings, specially the governments buildings are amazing.

The capital tends to become green planting many trees. This is the good aspect of the city which can become an important hub in the future in the Central Asia. The new and modern airport is ready to welcome millions passengers.​

Places to see

  • Neutrality Monument
  • Independence Monument
  • Alem Cultural Center
  • Old Nisa Village
  • National Museum of Turkmenistan
  • Monument to the Constitution
  • Ashgabat Stadium
  • The Earthquake Memorial
  • Russian Bazaar
  • Turkmenbashi Ruhy Mosque
  • Ertugrul Gazi Mosque
  • Wedding Palace
  • Yyldyz Hotel

About Karakum Desert and Darvaza

The karakum desert has different aspects when you cross it. From the way of Ashgabat to Darvaza, you can observe dunes of sand and also arid steppe. You can find some villages where the life is very quiet with a traditional lifestyle.

Darvaza is specially famous cause the gas crater in the middle of the desert, far from away. The best moment to see it is at the sunset when the fire from underground lights the sky. If you approach near the crater, you will feel the hot coming on your skin. The experience is amazing. The sound of the fire and all these flames at night sounds a bit scary as well.​

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