Kazakhstan – Almaty

About Almaty

In the past, Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan. The city is old and the infrastructures are very used like the roads for example. There is a contrast with Astana which develops quickly and modernizes the city. Although the city is old, Almaty keeps her charm. You will find a lot of pretty things like terraces of restaurants opened the summer, street food, small streets with green trees, old monuments and old houses …

People are welcoming and the city is totally safe. One place I advise to visit absolutely is Kokthobe. You need to use the cable car near the Republic Place. The place is totally amazing and familial (mini zoo, attractions, shops, restaurant). One of the place to do around Almaty is the Cheryn Canyon. There is others places to visit but this one deserves to be seen. You will find information with this company “Track Kz” who takes pleasure to guide you.

Places to see

  • Republic Square
  • Business District of Almaty
  • Republic Palace
  • Kokthobe
  • Cheryn Canyon
  • Eiffel Tower Replica

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