China – Guilin

About Guilin

Guilin is surrounded by these famous mountains you can see on the 20 Yuan note and crossed by the incredible Li river. This place is very amazing because you can enjoy of hiking these mountains and also enjoy of the rice terraces.

The city of Guilin is very nice with a lot of charm. You can easily visit the downtown by walk. If you wish to visit the rice terraces, I advice you the help of a guide tour, Jimmy from KaiKai Travel, who knows perfectly the place for some years. He will guide you the best places to do in Longji. You have to plan two days to visit well these terraces and to see the sunrise through the terraces. The experience is unique and incredible.
The other main landmark is in the south of Guilin. The cruise of the river is relaxing and spiritual. The 360° view is amazing. Yangshuo is also an old town to visit for shopping and souvenirs. A lot of tour associate the cruise with the visit of this city.

Places to see

  • Longji Rice Terraces
  • Huangluo Village
  • Dazhai Village
  • Cruise on the Li River
  • Yangshuo
  • Guilin

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